Children’s Day 丨The dream of traveling around the world is in the map of childhood, and more on the way to work.
2018-08-06 2281

Children and friends, happy children’s day! Do you still remember your childhood dreams? Have your dreams come true? Let’s go back to our childhood dreams today.


Everyone might have a dream to travel around the world, but for most people, it’s just a dream. I envy such a group of powerful people in Xiamen Leading Optics who keep realizing their dream of traveling at work.

Let’s take you around the circle of friends of the Leading.

During the time in negotiating projects in Netherlands, the Leading happened to meet the tulip season and got a taste of the beautiful Dutch national flower.

After completing their business in Malaysia, the Leading took pictures of the exotic blue for us.

The Leading completed their tour in UK. Before leaving, they shuttled back and forth on the streets of British fashion, giving us a glimpse of the fashion of Oxford street in London and the elegant beauty of tower bridge.

The Leading walking down the streets of Frankfurt, Germany after the work of the exhibition, and photographed the beautiful cite known as the "Manhattan on the mein river".

The Leading recorded the magnificent domed architecture of Berlin cathedral on their way to visit clients in Berlin, Germany.

The Leading explore Paris after work. In Paris, they experienced the history, culture and architecture of the city, as well as its art and fashion.

The Leading have just sent photos from Israel. After working in the exhibition, they have showed us the beautiful scenery of Israel.

We keeping going on our way.

The dream of childhood is colorful and pure and clean, with the desire to dream, it’s the best growth. Welcome to Leading to realize the childhood travel dream.

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