Dragon Boat Festival丨Enjoy the Zongzi at the Dragon Boat Festival
2018-08-06 2286

Sparsely drop a few drops of plum rain. It happened to be the Dragon Boat Festival. The leaves are wrapped in this golden scorpion, The straw mat gives out a jade-like glow, the calamus with the color of jasper, everything still retains the old customs of Jingchu. A tiger-shaped ornament made from the leaves of Ai Ye is hung on the summer shirt. The women put on the symbol written by Zhu Mo, and the red silk thread was wrapped around the arm. The women use the fragrant powder and shook their fans in the noon.


A piece of green, a straw rope and a scent of fragrance have wrapped the taste of the millennium, we also wrapped the most sincere wishes in the delicious Zongzi on the Dragon Boat Festival, with a strong aroma and taste buds passed to every employee.


The Dragon Boat Festival is also one of the Chinese traditional festival. It embodies the history and culture of Chinese nation over the millennium and we should spread its ethical culture. Wish you and your family well-being on the Dragon Boat Festival.

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