Evetar glory|Comrade He Yaoli was awarded the "May 1 Labor Medal of Xiamen".
2018-08-15 3359

In order to carry forward the spirit of work and commend the advanced workers, in April 28, 2018, Xiamen held a conference celebrating the May Day and the commendation of labor award, played the praises of workers, commended a number of "Xiamen May Day Labor Awards" and "Xiamen May Day Labor Medal". He Yaoli, the deputy director of our assemblage department, has awarded the "Xiamen May Day Labor Medal".

"Xiamen May Day Labor Awards" and "Xiamen May Day Labor Medal" are set up by the Xiamen Federation of Trade Unions. It was designed to commend a lot of great advanced units and advanced individuals who actively participated in the practice of innovation drive and transformation of Xiamen, and made positive contributions to the construction of the "five major development" demonstration cities on each line of field and to stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of the workers in the city.

At the meeting, provincial and municipal leaders extended festive greetings to the city's workers, extended warm congratulations to the recognized advanced collectives and individuals, and paid high tribute to all the labor models and advanced workers who have made outstanding contributions to xiamen's reform and development for a long time.It is hoped that the vast majority of workers will vigorously promote the spirit of model labor and become the main force in the construction of beautiful xiamen.

He Yaoli has been in our company for 12 years. She grows up from a operator on the front lines and a low-level manager to the leader who leads a team of about 800 people. During this period, she has been exercising herself by study and practice as well as improving herself by work and trial. She always put her heart into whom she works for, including company and staffs. And she is always cautious and conscientious. What is her maxim is that pains is non-equivalent to merits, in fact good outcomes are valuable. It is the faith that supports her to have extraordinary performance in the ordinary position. And she is rated as outstanding leader in 2016 and 2017 by our company. The team she leads won Outstanding Team Award.

All in all, congratulations and appreciate. Thanks for her contribution to the indomitable and vigorous spirit that encourage our members.

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