Congratulation! Shangrao Leading Optics Co.,Ltd was opening on 18th Dec!
2018-12-24 5385

        At 10:18 on December 18th, Shangrao Leading Optics Co.,Ltd, one of subsidiary corporation of Xiamen Leading Optics Co., Ltd held a grand opening ceremony in Jiangxi. Mr. Wu fubao, chairman of the board; Mr. Wu debao, general manager; Mr. Ye hebin, vice secretary of the party work committee and vice director of the management committee of Shangrao; and representatives of the optical industry and important partners of Leading Optics attended the ceremony. With a grand salute and warm applause, Shangrao Leading Optics Co.,Ltd was officially put into production on 18th Dec, 2018.

Shangrao Leading Optics covering an area of 20 mu and a building area of 20,000 square meters, is a modern high-tech enterprise which posses 60 million optical glasses output per year. The operation of Shangrao Leading Optics marks that Xiamen Leading Optics Co., Ltd is officially rooted in Shangrao and sets sail, it also means that Leading Optics has taken an important step on the road of "To BUILD NATIONAL BRAND, ACHIEVE GLORIOUS DREAMS".

Let's congratulate the opening of Shangrao Leading Optics. Wish its  prosperity in wealth, success in gathering visitors from all over the world and business is booming, thriving and thriving. 


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